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Tajdeed e Nikah in Islam

How does Tajdeed e Nikah Work in Islam?

The Tajdeed e Nikah involves the performance of a new Nikah (marriage) with the same spouse but with a new Mahr or Mehar. It may be necessary to perform Tajdeed e Nikah in certain circumstances. Muslim law defines marriage as a legal union and social contract between a man and a woman, which is referred to as a “Nikah”. Sharia binds marriage, and certain conditions must be met for a man and a woman to be bound together in marriage. The Nikah becomes null and void once these limits are crossed, and it must be renewed. The Nikah in this case is not broken intentionally, but it may end up needing to be renewed for a variety of reasons. What is the best method for determining these reasons? This practice is based on a number of reasons, and we will examine the method through which the Nikah can be renewed.

Tajdeed e Nikah Work in Islam?

Tajdeed e Nikah is a Renewing of Love and Passion

Process of Tajdeed e Nikah:

Why do we have Tajdeed-e-Nikah? What is Tajdeed e Nikah? The term Tajdeed e Nikah describes the process of performing a new Nikah (marriage) with a new Mahr. This does not require a gathering of people. Performing a tajdeed e nikah or a new marriage without a mahr is known as Tajdeed e Nikah. This does not require a gathering of people. A marriage contract called Nikah consists of two components, Ijaab (offer) and Qubool (acceptance).


  • Two Muslim women and at least one Muslim man must attend the Nikah.
  • It is not mandatory (Mustahab) to attend Nikah’s sermons (Khutbah).
  • Nikah has been established when the man performs Ijaab in front of witnesses, that is he tells the woman, “I performed Nikah with you in exchange for the (agreed) mahr.” “I accept.” is the woman’s reply.
  • There is also an option for women to recite the Khutbah or Surah Al-Fatiha before performing the Ijaab, which is followed by a reply from the man, “I agree”, which is the sign of the Nikah.
  • In Tajdeed e Nikah, mahr, or the monetary amount, is considered ‘Wajib,’ so the mahr must be renewed each time. Mahar can be exempted by a woman if she so wishes, but the husband should not ask about her decision.

Tajdeed e Nikah Reasons:

The Nikah can break for several reasons. Some of these reasons are listed below:


  • Muslim men who disrespect Allah SWT, Prophet Muhammad PBUH, or any other Islamic religious obligation do Kufr, and therefore become non-Muslims and must do Tauba. Therefore, following the marriage, the wife of the husband becomes Muslim, and the husband of the wife becomes Muslim. As a result, a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man. Thus, the nikah needs to be renewed after the husband has performed tauba, which he can do by himself.
  • In the same way, and to the extent to which the husband has called his wife mother, sister, or with any other kind of relative-name serving as a ‘na-mahram’ for him, the marriage will also be broken and must be renewed in this sense.
  • Those couples that have become skeptical about their nikah, and believe that it has been broken for some reason, can renew their nikah by using Tajdeed e Nikah, which is a website for renewing nikahs. 
Tajdeed e Nikah Work in Islam?

Tajdeed e Nikah: The Renewal of Your Marriage Contract

Tajdeed e Nikah means the renewal of your marriage. It is a way to bring back the spirit of love and passion in your marriage. It is also a way to rekindle the fire that once burned between you and your spouse. Tajdeed e Nikah will help you make your relationship stronger, more loving, and more fulfilling.


We can guide you through the process of creating an atmosphere of love and affection in your home with the help of our Nikah Khawan. The expert will also give you advice on how to ensure that your love will last for a lifetime. It is important to note that Tajdeed e Nikah can be performed at any time during your marriage. 


An extension of a marriage contract is known as Tajdeed e Nikah. There are certain benefits and responsibilities that every couple bears in regard to another when they enter into a marriage. It also gives you the chance to reflect on the changes in your life since then, and how those changes may have affected the relationship you share with your partner.

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