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Nikah online with registered Pakistani Nikah Nama (Urdu/English). Best Islamic online Nikah (online marriage) service by Nikah Khawan & official Nikah Registrar in Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore, Pakistan.

Nikah Khawan Services are offered by Nikah Nama Online with Registration of Marriage Certificates By NADRA, Our Nikah Khawan are highly qualified.

Online Nikah Services of Nikah Nama online are legal and Islamic. Online Marriage os allowed in Islam through Vakeel/Proxy who do ijab-o-qabool on your behalf

Love Marriage Or Court marriage (Pasand kee shadee) in Islam is allowed, Nikah Nama Online will handle all the legal matters of your Court Marriage/Love marriage

Nikah Online

No. 1 Site Offering Nikah Online/Marriage Online, Court Marriage with Registered Urdu/English Nikah Nama Form & NADRA Marriage Certificate, and Nikah Khawan Service in Karachi, Islamabad & Lahore, Pakistan


Nikah online is performed/solemnized via a video link or WhatsApp or Zoom by following the same steps and protocols in the usual Nikah that are followed in the traditional marriage, but using a video-conference call or a video call, instead of being present in person. 

There is no problem with the recognition of it by Pakistani Law and International Law when done properly. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and other countries require a Wali to sign and be present on the wedding day.

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There are several citations (of the Superior Court’s Judgements) showing that in Pakistan, as long as the woman is marrying of her own free will and choice, a wali is not required. In Pakistan, a Muslim woman has the exclusive right to choose with whom to marry, and she cannot be forced to end her relationship with her husband because her parents have not approved of their marriage. According to Pakistan’s Supreme Court, consent of a “wali” is not required for a Muslim female to enter into marriage; she can marry of her own free will. (PLD 2004 SC 219) Nikah online: Is it legal? Yes, the online Nikah is valid in Pakistan as well as internationally. Through our online nikkah service, we will ensure that the marriage is registered in Pakistan. In order to legalize their marriage elsewhere, our clients will require attesting documents from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (which we can also provide) and the relevant Embassies. This attested document will then be used to register their marriage in their country of residence. For the prevention of future issues, we adhere strictly to a rigorous process. We offer a wide range of legal and matrimonial services, including online marriage registration and marriage certification. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Urdu Nikahnama is used for traditional marriages, court marriages and local online Nikah. Nikahnamas are also available in English as well for those who conduct an online Nikah from overseas. The requirement of a Wali in an Online Nikah In Arabic, the word “wali” means “guardian”. Any female from a Muslim country is expected to have a father as her guardian. There is no need for a wali in Pakistan when registering a marriage. In this way, we are able to register our clients’ marriages in Pakistan. Their marriage will then be recognized legally, and they will receive a NADRA Marriage Certificate, which they will be able to use to register their wedding in their home country or for immigration and visa processing.

 Muslim women can marry without the consent of their wali. (PLD 1997 Lah 301) For Online Nikah, the Nikah Document is used There are 25 sections in the nikahnama, which cover personal details in Sections 1 to 5. Pakistani law requires that the bride is at least 18 years old to register a marriage, so the bride’s age is required at Section 6. A witness who attends the wedding is called a witness in Sections 7-12. In Sections 13-17, the bride is given assets and gifts in various formats, including gold, cash, and Haq Mehr. When this is due is described in Sections 13-17. According to sections 18 and 19, the wife is given the right to give talaq, while section 20 deals with the monthly allowance the husband gives her. In sections 21 and 22, the first wife’s permission is addressed, as is the witness’s presence throughout the marriage. The groom’s marital status is described in sections 22 and 25. Please contact us if you require a Nikah nama (Nikah Document) in a hurry. We can start the process online for you and expedite the process. The nikahnama is available in both English and Urdu. An Online Nikkah requires the following documents In order to do an online nikah, you need the following documents: A copy of each applicant’s ID card (CNIC if the applicant is a Pakistani citizen, a copy of the applicant’s passport if the applicant does not reside in Pakistan).

Nikah Nama Online Services

 If there is a Prenuptial agreement, we will need to legalize it in Pakistan prior to using it (in Pakistan or abroad). We will provide you with a Nikahnama (in Urdu or English). It may be necessary in some cases for the bride and groom to execute a Special Power of Attorney You need witnesses for the Nikkah / Court Ceremony, we can assist you in arranging these, and the costs will be discussed once our expert contacts you, based on your unique situation, location, and circumstances.

Civil Marriage and Court Marriage Services for all over Pakistan are handled by extemely experienced Family lawyers. They currently have the largest network of Nikah Khawans throughout Pakistan.

If you wish to solemnize your Nikah Online or in the Majlis-e-Nikah at your home or at a Marriage Hall, please contact Nikah Nama Online NOW! We can book you a Sunni or Shia (as per your choice) Alim Nikah Khawan/Qazi from Madressah or a Mufti for a very reasonable fee. Nikah Khawan will reach your location at the right time (in any city of Pakistan). All of our Nikah Khawan (Qazi) are registered.

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